A group of skiers and snowboarders having fun on the ski hill, sunridge ski area
a group of skiers and snowboarders enjoying food at a local bar
a group of skiers and snowboarders having fun on the ski hill, lake louise

There are a lot of different reasons to join Après Society, but a big one is
how friendly & welcoming our community is.

Our goal is to be the FRIENDLIEST & MOST WELCOMING shred community in the world and we do everything to welcome all skill levels.

Never tried skiing or boarding, great! Come join us & improve your skill.
Pro shredder, that's rad. The mountains are more fun with friends, so let's introduce you to some more.

a group of skiers and boarders enjoying supper at Banff Brew pub in Banff, Alberta

We host a bunch of local shred days in Calgary & Edmonton every week, along with members going out
casually every weekend.


To top that off, we also have big trips where our community goes out to a mountain town together, grab a hotel and have an absolute blast.

Not sure you're sold on the community yet? Well check out our deals & see all the money you can save too.

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